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      Northern Europe, filled with some of the most beautiful landscapes.  Green hill and mountain sides spotted with rich browns, yellows, and reds, all make up this scenery; don't forget the beautiful blues in the glaciers farther north.  Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany and many more beautiful countries make up Northern Europe, and Costa Cruise Lines will take you there!

St. Petersburg, Russia

      Costa Cruise Lines began in the late 1800's as a company delivering olive oil to other countries on large steam ships.  Around 1946 Costa Cruises converted some of their steamers into luxurious passenger liners and continued service to the Americas.  Today, these modern floating art galleries are well equipped for a phenomenal experience at sea, with all the comforts of home, and all you need, Italian style. 

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      St. Petersburg, Russia, also known as "The Venice of the North" is Russia's most beautiful city filled with art and theater.  Take in a ballet, opera,  or concert in one of many historic theaters St. Petersburg has to offer, or take in the sights of the beautiful city's center full of architecture dating back to Baroque and neoclassical times of the 18th and 19th centuries.  See the sights of this important port, and many others along the Baltic Sea on a Costa Cruise and Land Excursion

Copenhagen, Denmark      Copenhagen, Denmark's largest and oldest city, is definitely a must see on your stop into Northern Europe.  Full of museums and theaters, the entertainment is as rich as the city's history.  Almost every major road has a parallel running bicycle path, covered in rich green landscape due to Copenhagen's abundance of water.  Book a seven nights Baltic & Russia cruise with Costa Cruise Lines, and Copenhagen will be your departing port.  Truly a beautiful sight, filled with beautiful people.

      These two cities are only two of many you may encounter when cruising with Costa Cruises.  You may have the chance to see Tallinn, Estonia, or Flam, Norway, or even Helsinki, Finland.  Be sure to start planning soon for that next luxurious, world touring vacation.  Be sure to book the best, book Costa Cruise Lines.

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